Definition of Terms

Definition of Terms

  • 3rd Party Blind Call Transfer
    An activity whereby the agent or rep transfers a current call to another agent or rep, or through another telephone call, without first informing or notifying the destination or transferred party.
  • 3rd party conferencing
    The GoAutoDial app allows the agent or rep to initiate a call and add one or more people to the call. Hence, a conference call is established and the conversation between all these people is real-time.
  • Agent Drop-off or Leave 3-way
    During a conference call, the agent or rep can leave the conversation without terminating the call even if the agent or rep initiated the call. This way, the agent or rep can move on to the next call.
  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
    An internal system of the GoAutoDial app that detects answering machines (answering the call) so that the app can remove that from the automated call routing process and all the agent and reps get are live calls. For many telephony apps like GoAutoDial, the chances of the app determining an answering machine is about 80 percent.
  • Auto Dial
    A dialing method in the GoAutoDial app where no human intervention is made.
  • Auto Dial Level
    A manually-set number of virtual phone lines per agent or rep that the GoAutoDial app uses for the predictive dialing method.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    In the GoAutoDial app, an ACD distributes incoming calls to a specific group of agents or reps based on the organization's rules. For example, one rule defined by the organization routes all calls from a TFN assigned to Spanish-speaking customers to Spanish-speaking agents or reps. Another rule is immediately routing calls to the voice mail system.
  • Campaign
    In everyday life, a campaign is short- or long-term project involving customers, like an advertising campaign or a political campaign. For telephony and the call center world, a campaign means calling or receiving calls to and from people, whether they are prospects existing customers or former customers.
  • Campaign Rec Filename
    A user-defined field in the GoAutoDial app that allows the adminstrator to control the way recording files are named.
  • Campaign Script
    A script is like a sheet of paper that an agent or rep reads when he or she is on the phone with a customer. The GoAutoDial app allows organizations to create one script per campaign, whether the campaign is managing incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Closer
    A closer is an agent or rep whose role is to receive a transferred call from another agent and try to close the sale with the prospective customer.
  • Custom Fields
    The GoAutoDial app comes with predefined fields. However, every organization would want to add more information that defines the customer prospect, lead or record. "Custom fields" simply means allowing you to add or create customized fields in the customer database.
  • Dial Method
    How the GoAutoDial app will place an outbound call, whether it is a manually-initiated call or automated.
  • Dial Status
    How a current call is described in the GoAutoDial app.
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
    This term simply means the telephone number of an organization. In the GoAutoDial app, it needs a DID to be integrated into the app to allow the latter to receive and manage incoming calls.
  • Disposition
    A short, one-phrase description of the most recent call conducted by an agent or rep. Instead of allowing the agent or rep to use his or her own words to describe the call, the organization pre-defines it and all the agent or rep has to do is select the best disposition to describe the call.
  • DNC Numbers
    An acronym for "Do Not Call." DNC started in the United States in 2003 which consumer-protection system was copied in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and India (it's called Do Not Distrub in India). The intent of DNC is to ban telemarketers from calling people's telephone numbers who do not want to receive such calls. For the GoAutoDial app, it does not access the national DNC databases of these countries. Rather, the organization using the GoAutoDial app predefines the telephone numbers that are not supposed to be called through automated dialing, or add a number at a time per call.
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling¬†(DTMF)
    When a customer presses a number of keypad on the telephone unit or mobile phone during an IVR-oriented call, that phone produces a short, distinct tone or frequency. That tone is called DTMF and it is this unique frequency that the GoAutoDial app uses to determine which number or key was pressed by the customer.
  • Hopper
    A virtual bucket or holding area for a set number of leads that the GoAutoDial application software will use to automate its outbound calls.
  • Inbound Call
    A call received by a call queuing and management solution like the GoAutoDial application software (app). The app decides how to field the call, whether it is forwarded to an available telephone agent or rep, or it goes to voicemail, and a host of other rules an organization configures. The agent or rep can be a customer service rep, a telemarketer or a technical support specialist, to say the least.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
    A feature in telephony application software that allows the app and the customer to interact with each other through the use of a pre-recorded message or voice file and the buttons of the telephone unit or mobile device. In the GoAutoDial app, when the IVR system answers the incoming call, it begins playing a pre-recorded message, giving instructions on what to press for each possible customer option.
  • Lists/Leads File
    A list of customers with detailed information like name, address and telephone number. For a telephony application software like GoAutoDial, this list is formatted in a digital format like Microsoft Excel or comma-delimited version (CSV).
  • Local Call Time
    Setting the allowable calling hours for the agent or rep, or a group. If applicable, it is automatically controlled by the area code, Daylight Savings Time (DST) and rules governing the Telemarketing Act of the U.S.
  • Manual Dial
    A dialing method to which a person manually encodes the telephone number of the lead he or she wants to call.
  • Outbound Call
    A call placed by an outgoing call management solution like GoAutoDial application software (app) in behalf of a customer contact agent or rep. Whether the call is a sales call or telemarketing call, or a reminder call, the point is allowing the app to manage the outgoing call even if the agent or rep is manually dialing using a software-based or physical phone unit.
  • Predictive Dialing
    A dialing method by the GoAutoDial app where outbound calls are automatically made. However, the difference is using a statistical algorithm to lessen the idle time of a group of agents or reps, increasing productivity and henceforth creating more customers, solved problems, closed sales and many more. The algorithms are many and the GoAutoDial app recalculates all the formula involved in this dialing method each second or less.
  • Survey/Voice Broadcast
    Just like text or SMS broadcasting, voice broadcasting is a means to message customers en masse using a pre-recorded message. Also called voice blasting, the GoAutoDial app can call one number at a time or simultaneously call dozens to hundred of telephone numbers at a time. The difference with text or e-mail blasting is immediate response and decision-making statistics for the organization: who answered the call, whose phone number is always busy or no answer, who pressed option "1", who pressed option "2", and so on. A survey is one real-world application of this feature.
  • TFN
    The acronym for Toll Free Number. These numbers allow the caller to call the organization for free within a particular country wihtout incurring domestic long-distance charges or toll charges. However, not all types of telephone services are totally free. For example, some mobile phone telecommunications companies in the U.S. like Sprint or AT&T charge their subscribers a small fee if they dial a TFN.
  • Transfer-conf
    Allows the agent or rep to transfer a current call to another person or group using a one-click on-screen button.
  • Voice Files
    A pre-recorded message file. In the GoAutoDial app, voice files are used for an automated greeting during the first few seconds of the incoming call, the instructional message to leave a voice mail, or the message that automatically plays during a voice broadcasting campaign. The file format of a voice file in the GoAutoDial app is 16bit Mono 8k PCM WAV audio file.

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